Research & Development

Quality Control

Research & Development

R&D Team

We have over 10 highly-skill and experienced engineers in our R&D team.

Machinery / Equipment for R&D

Our R&D equips with advanced computer system to design and develop new products.

Awards & Other Recognitions

We are a member of the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Manufacturing Association.

Quality Control / Technical Support

We have a team of experienced technical staff to perform stringent watch testing and inspection. Our engineers always provide technical support in the pre-sales and after-sales process.

Materials / Components

Our materials come from mainland China, Japan, Switzerland with reliable quality whereas the components are manufactured by our own factories.

Procedures / Testing Details

Mechanical movements :

1. outlook & finishing
2. functional tests include winding mechanism, hands and calendar setting mechanism
3. accuracy test by electronic tester
4. amplitude test
5. running test after full winding

Other Information

We would always strive for higher standard according to the request by customers.


Sample Availability & Policy : Our warehouse always has stock on popular models, which can be easily available for customers. See our catalogue for more information on our products.

Guarantee and Warranty

We provide reliable after-sales service, including repairing and technical support for movements purchased.

After-Sales Service

We offer reasonable free replacement for original damage product.